Marathon – the ERP system for advertising-, media- and architect agencies

Kalin Setterberg develops and markets the ERP system Marathon. The system is especially suitable for companies that manage and administrate many projects. Marathon also includes all functions necessary in a media agency. Among our clients we have the biggest and most successful advertising-, media-, and architect agencies in the Nordic countries, but our system is also very well adapted for smaller companies.

If you have any questions about us or about our product, our sales coordinator Deborah Nassiwa will be happy to help you. Welcome to contact her at or +46 8 506 266 29.

Our philosophy

Is to work hard and with a long perspective! That is why our product is called Marathon. Since the eighties, we have been working with one product only. We have been following the technological development and are now working with the fourth generation of the system.
Besides working hard and with long perspective, we are also concentrated on the demands that the advertising and media fields have. Thus, we can always be in the forefront and in the lead of the development, and at the same time maintain reasonable prices.All since the beginning we have been focused on our clients; that they are satisfied and stay with us. This service mindedness permeates the whole organisation, from sales to support.

Our history

The company was established in Göteborg in 1981. Already in the mid-eighties we had developed a business system in the operating system Unix. That was probably one of the first in the world. Nobody knew in that time, that Unix 20 years later would be the dominating server type on Internet.
Ever since, the company has grown with approximately one employee per year and today we are almost 30 persons. We are a stabile and secure company that has been passing through many recessions with retained workforce.